Choose & Cut Christmas Trees (Any Size Tree $50)

Bill Asack Pulls Christmas Tree Though netter Happy Christmas Tree Customers Bill Asack greets customers

Our regular Choose & Cut season starts the friday after Thanksgiving and ends Christmas Eve. We are open every day from 9AM to 7PM. In addition to our choose and cut christmas trees we have a good selection of premium pre-cut trees available. Cut fresh daily thoughout the season for your convience.

When you arrive you will be supplied with a sharp saw to harvest your tree and a tree cart to transport your tree to the barn. Once you are back at the barn we will net your tree and help you tie it to your vehicle. While we are netting your tree you can warm up by the wood stove and help yourself to hot chocolate and candy canes. From the barn there are panoramic views in all directions, adding to the holiday spirit.

We also offer a complete line of home made wreaths, plain and decorated. All of our wreaths are made from cultivated brush grown in our plantation. In addition to the traditional red bows we offer a large selection of double bows with 12 color combinations to choose from.

For your convenience we do snow removal throughout the plantation for the entire season. This snow removal makes all of our trees accessible, regardless of how deep the snow may get.

If you would like more information about our Choose & Cut season please call Bill at (802) 754-6934.


Christmas Tree crew (L to R Becky, Bill, Andy, Dana, Duval) Choose & Cut Christmas Tree Customers Pulling up a Christmas Tree to the barn Christmas Tree Customers celebrate with Hot Chocolate
Christmas Tree Customers next to candy cane tree Christmas Tree Customers With a Christmas Tree Andrew Asack Netting a choose and cut christmas tree
Chirstmas Tree Customers childern getting candy canes Choose and Cut Customers with trees ready for netting Bill Asack making a large wreath

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